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The Simpsons - The iconic American Family from Springfield!

Have you ever wanted to create your own Springfield resident? Then give the Simpsonmaker above a try. You can choose the nose, glasses, hair and many more features. You can even select the surrounding he/she is going to appear in! Have you ever seen a Simpsons character at a casino? Well, now's your chance!

The Simpsons have inspired many shows on TV and are iconic all over the world. Homer & Co represent the typical American working-class family in a small town setting. From there they conquered the world. Homer's catch phrase "D'oh!" has even been adopted into English lexicons. Fans can now follow the Simpsons Family via Comic Books and the Simpson movie. There is also a Simpsons ride at Universal Studios in Orlando and of course many different Simpsons video and card games. A Simpsons casino slot machine has not yet been published, but it would not be a surprise if that happens soon.

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The Simpsons and Their History

The Simpsons is a great watch especially if you are one is into comedy, especially that depicted from a normal working family. At the center of the show is a not-so-lucky Homer Simpson who is frequently displayed as a careless man, even though he is a safety inspector at a nuclear company. The serie has since then been translated into many languages around the globe, more details visit casinobonusland!

The history of The Simpsons goes deep into the annals of television shows when the family of five debuted as Shorts in the Tracey Ullman Show in 1987. The show then grew into the hearts of showbiz to a half-hour show known as The Simpsons. The series is about a family of five, living in a fictional town known as Springfield. The episodes comprise of the family’s daily adventures, with the starring as Homer Simpson. Homer, who is not the smartest man in the room, is married to Marge and with whom they have three interesting children. The children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie make the series worth your time.

Supporting characters in the show include Homer’s workmates, the school principal and Krusty the Clown. The show is spiced up by numerous other interesting supporting casts. For instance, their pets; a cat and a dog. Just like any other show, the show has its share of controversies. From the time when folks criticizing the character that is Bart Simpson, the son to Homer. This is because he was never punished even though he was always naughty and causing trouble.

Major themes

The show employs satirical acts to entertain the audience and most themes are similar to the lives of an average middle-class American home. The funniest parts come when Homer is at work at a nuclear power plant in the company of his co-workers who most of the times offer him bad advice to deal with his issues.

The show talks on normal issues that affect a common American; for instance, the education system as seen in the school life of Bart and Lisa who go to Springfield Elementary School. On the other hand, the Nuclear plant where Homer works is does shows the fact that is the effects of factories on the environment. In the history of The Simpsons, the show goes a little bit political when it includes corrupt politicians and other irresponsible leaders in its plots.

The local police force literally sleeps on their job and is depicted as to be thoroughly unqualified for the state of insecurity in the ever-eventful town of Springfield. The most notable part of the history of The Simpsons is The Simpsons Movie that took the theatres by surprise in 2007. The show has been a success because of the ever-creative minds behind each and every episode. For instance, when Jean returned from 2001 to 2007. There are also other notable events that have spiced up the animated comedy.

Milestones and records

The series, The Simpsons, is set to break the record if rumors stating that there are two more seasons that will run up until 2019 are true. The show has enjoyed major fetes having reached great milestones in its history; including being compared to The Cosby Show. Another rumor is that we could soon see the Simpsons on slot machines! Waiting for that day, fans can always play other games and get more information on

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Bart’s Casino

When the economy was in crisis, the citizens of Springfield suggest legalizing gambling to provide an economic turnaround. After much debate, Mayor Quimbly agrees, and he and Mr. Burns work together to build the city’s first casino – Burns’ Casino. Everyone in town is happy an excited, and they quickly see an upturn in their local economy. Bart, the town’s most mischievous member of society, walks into Burns’ Casino and drops a quarter into a machine. He wins the jackpot, and once it is discovered he is a minor, he is quickly removed from the building. This upsets Bart, so he sets out on a mission to take revenge on Mr. Burns’ by opening up his own casino, right from his treehouse. He calls it Bart’s Casino and invites all his friends to play. Bart, wanting to really ruin Mr. Burns’ operation, kidnaps Burns’ main act – the infamous American singer, Robert Goulet. Bart tricks Mr. Goulet into believing he is to perform at the correct casino. Mr. Goulet is suspicious, but he performs his act at Bart’s Casino anyway. This tactic, however mischievous, works to Bart’s advantage and turns his casino into a major success.

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